Offer of Life. Offer of Salvation. Should mothers pay special attention (Jesus) Sor Natalia Magdolna.

The message from the Most Holy Virgin.

Our celestial Mother specially asks those mothers, to offer their lives for love to the intentions of Her Immaculate Heart, so that she can keep saving more and more families from falling into Hell.

The Virgin specifies this in Her own words:

In the hearts of many mothers pain is burning. Their heart is wracked because of the spiritual condition of their children, because of their immoral behaviour, and because of the destiny of their lives far beyond death. For the love to these women, I myself, moved by compassion, may reach the five promises with my prayers. Let them be comforted! Let them offer all their life’s events with a total devotion!

For that purpose, She proposes the Offer of Life. This purpose must be taken with rectitude and reliability, offering it for the Greater Glory of God and for the good of the Holy Church, affording us with very important promises.


None of their family members will fall into hell, even though the external appearances would suppose that, because before soul leaves the body, they will receive the Grace of the perfect repentance.

On the very day of the Offer, all the family has deceased will go out of the purgatory.

I will stay beside them at the time of death and I will carry their souls in the presence of God, without passing by the Purgatory.

Their names will be registered in the heart of Jesus and in the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

They will save many souls from the eternal damnation thanks to this Offer, together with the merits of Christ. The worth of their sacrifices will benefit the souls until the end of the world.

Offer of life.

My beloved Jesus.

In front of the people of the Holy Trinity, in front of our Mother in Heaven and the whole Celestial Court, I myself, according to the intentions of Your Eucharistic Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Holy Mary, offer my whole life, all my saint masses, communions, my good deeds, sacrifices and sufferings, joining them to the merits of your Holy Mother and to your death in the Cross:

* To worship the Glorious Holy Trinity.

* To offer reparation due to our offenses.

* For the union of our Holy Mother Church.

* For our priests.

* For the good priestly vocations.

* In addition, for every soul until the end of world.

My Jesus, receive from me my Offer of Life and give me the grace to persist it faithfully until the end of my life. Amen.

Objective explanation:

Making that offering once, it is enough. In that way, the Redeemer confirmed it to Sister Maria Natalia: if someone my daughter does make the Offering once, do you understand my daughter. Only once, in a moment of Grace, her heart was aroused heroically. By doing just this, her whole life was sealed! Her life, although she doesn’t think of it consciously, it‘s already property of the Sacred Hearts.

In addition, He added, although there is just one soul that has made another Offer, this Offer summarises everything and it is above all of them. This will be by all means, its crown, the most beautiful decoration and the sign of her spiritual nobility in Heaven”.

Book: The Victorious Queen of the World. Sor Natalia Magdolna.

Revelations from the Lord and Most Holy Mary.

Prayer cards of Offer of Life Spain. Tel 955 680 298


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